Meet Meg

“But what can a decent man speak of with most pleasure?Answer: Of himself.Well, so I will talk about myself.” -Notes from Underground, Fyodor Doestovsky


I guess the first post on a blog should be a little about me, the blog owner.

It’s been a while, so forgive me if I’m a little weird. Actually, I’ve always been weird. To quote my second-favorite I.T. Crowd character:


Moving on.

Last time I had a blog was LiveJournal back in MySpace days. Not that I actually had a Myspace, although I vaguely remember having an account on MakeOut Club. I was a drunken mess for most of my 20’s so everything from that time in my life is shrouded in a 100-proof fog for for the most part.

Speaking of proof, here is Exhibit A:


That’s me on the left. Photo taken in 2011 with two of the most awesome women around.

Thankfully I’ve left the shitstorm of my 20’s behind and am now pamilyado AF. Do I sound smug? Not trying to. I’m sorta just grateful to still beย aliveย and working and being an overall semi sort of productive sort of citizen sort of. Slightly.


The one in the middle is also me. Photo taken in 2013 with my husband and child.


To get to to the point (brevity is not my strong point, forte, whatever, blahblahblah are you still even reading…)

I’m Meg, 31, female last time I checked, wife, mom, and human to a psychotic dog and a neurotic cat. I love clothes and I love thrifting, so despite the uncomfortable personalness of my first two posts I will be posting mostly about clothes and thrifting.

I’m taking a cue from Dave Sedaris and will be writing about my life, in my own voice, the way I want to.



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