2011- 2014: Revisiting Old Favorite Outfits

I’m not a fashion expert. I just like clothes. I really really REALLY like clothes. It sounds pretentious when I put it like this, but my style has a bit over the years although the core is the same. I like to keep shit simple and I like being comfortable. That’s it.

I like to play around with stuff and I try not to take fashion too seriously, or to follow trends too zealously. I wear clothes to please myself and if it pleases others, yay? But if it doesn’t, who gives a shit. 😛

I went through my old photos and found some pics of me in my favorite outfits at the time the pictures were taken (my favorite outfits change on a bi-monthly basis). Here are some of my favorite outfits from the years 2011 to 2014 and a bit of a backstory about each of them.

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Five Favorite Things I Bitterly Regret Selling on eBay

I used to (actually, I still do) run an eBay store, called StrawberryParadise. Like a lot of other eBay.ph sellers, I sold clothes sourced from thrift stores, bargain bins, garage sales, and closing-out sales. I would also occasionally sell stuff from my closet or my sisters’ closets.

I’m too busy to reopen Strawberry but it’s fun to look back on some of the stuff I sold in the three (or was it two) years my store was active. Once in a while I would find a really really nice piece of clothing or pair of shoes but my love of eating and having a roof over my head would overpower my sartorial instincts.

I present to you now: Five Favorite Things I Bitterly Regret Selling on eBay (because I wanted them for myself).

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