2011- 2014: Revisiting Old Favorite Outfits

I’m not a fashion expert. I just like clothes. I really really REALLY like clothes. It sounds pretentious when I put it like this, but my style has a bit over the years although the core is the same. I like to keep shit simple and I like being comfortable. That’s it.

I like to play around with stuff and I try not to take fashion too seriously, or to follow trends too zealously. I wear clothes to please myself and if it pleases others, yay? But if it doesn’t, who gives a shit. 😛

I went through my old photos and found some pics of me in my favorite outfits at the time the pictures were taken (my favorite outfits change on a bi-monthly basis). Here are some of my favorite outfits from the years 2011 to 2014 and a bit of a backstory about each of them.


From 2012 I think, too lazy to look up the picture data

  1. My favorite outfit for a very very brief period, composed of:
  • One Teaspoon Bonita Shorts
  • Tights
  • H&M Cardigan (I still wear it, although now it’s full of holes)
  • An old undershirt from Hawie
  • Alexander Wang Frankie creepers

I sold the boots shortly afterwards (too uncomfortable, I like being able to let my toes spread out) and the shorts too, because they were so short they showed my kuyukot and nobody wants to see that.

How this outfit made me feel: Young and badass, albeit with painful feet



2. I used to wear this all the time, despite the fact the dress was so short it could be more aptly described as a rather longish shirt. Outfit was composed of:

  • Ukay cherry print dress (I was obsessed with cherry print then, and all things pinup and rockabilly)
  • Ukay faux leather jacket
  • Melissa x Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon cherry heels (not seen in pic)

I wore the dress to shreds until it finally ended up as basahan. The leather jacket, I studded it and then took the studs out and then it looked to gross and hole-y to be worn so I threw it. The shoes are still with me, in a box. They were Hawie’s very first Christmas gift to me so I’ll never, ever sell them. 🙂

How this outfit made me feel: Like Tura Satana except I have no boobs and also I’m pretty sure Tura never wore cherry print


2014, maybe? Hawie was still thin here, and so was I huhuhuhu

3. This dress. I nearly got into a fight with the ukay cashier guy because he kept asking me if I wanted to try it on first before paying for it because it looked TOO SMALL for me. Like dude, I know my own body, I know my measurements, please take my money and stop making me feel bad 😦 Anyway, outfit was composed of:

  • Ukay denim moto jacket
  • Snidel polka dot dress
  • The aforementioned Melissa x V. Westwood heels
  • A cat print scarf (worn on my wrist in the pic but I used to wear it as a bandana)

I broke the zipper on the dress on Christmas morning of that year haha. Too many cups of fruit salad, I guess. Jacket’s still in my closet but looks a bit grotty now. I still wear it now and then though. I still have the cat scarf. I am no longer blonde.

How this outfit made me feel: Fresh and flirty, like I was in a commercial for a feminine hygiene product



Possibly 2013. Can’t remember.

4. God I loved this dress. I don’t know why I sold it. At the time I was skinny and felt like I had to constantly show off the fact in my clothes, so that may have had something to do with it. The cut and structure of the dress was quite boxy, framing the face, lower arms, and legs but did not accentuate the curves of the body. Saktong sakto sakin sana to ngayon haha. Outfit was composed of:

  • Tsumori Chisato dress
  • Usually the chunky studded platform booties I got off eBay for Php 500 (theyre gone now, too. A victim of Sofitel’s muddy, heel-sucking parking lot. Long story.)

How this outfit made me feel: Like a glamorous coccoon


Pretty sure this was from 2011 (?)

Pardon the cigarette in my hand. Other people wouldn’t be caught dead in the same outfit twice, but I wore my favorite ones to shreds. This one was no exception. Outfit was composed of:

  • Ukay melting logo top I DIY-ed into submission
  • Flared Replay jeans
  • Celine (as in yung local, hindi yung mahal) brown suede boots (I loved these boots. Please bring them back, Celine, I will buy at least two pairs 😦 )

Sobrang mahal ko tong boots na to. Hawie got them for me (he keeps buying me shoes to this day,  I don’t know why) and I wore them til they were gross and holey and muddy.

How this outfit made me feel: Like Stevie Nicks, inexplicably


So there you have it… five of my favorite outfits from the past. And to those who are wondering about my weight gain, fuck you. Just kidding! Two words: PCOS and ageing. Isang word pa pala: Carbs. Delicious, delicious carbs.:P It happens to the best of us.

So 2017 na! Here’s to a new year of reasonably priced clothing and accessories, 3 for 100s, and closing out sales! 😀

Unasked for fashion tip: Wear whatever the hell you want and, as the great and esteemed philosopher Ru Paul once said:

“It don’t matter what you wear (It doesn’t matter what you wear)
They’re checking out your savoir faire (Yeah)
And it don’t matter what you do
‘Cause everything looks good on you (Supermodel)”


Sashay. Shanté!



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